Stackable Bracelets by Erimish

Staxx Box by Erimish

Ericka & Misha wanted to put together something fun for the avid Erimish customer. So they came up with a unique box filled with Erimish stacks! These are custom stackable bracelets made just for our Staxx Box customers. And the best part is you can choose the budget that fits you!!!

Sacked Bracelets, Gem Jams Stackable Bracelets

Gem Jams by Erimish

Your little loves Erimish too! So we created fun stacks just for them. They have bright fun colors & cute charms to boot! Every little girl wants to be a princess and dress like mommy, so Ericka & Misha made that possible with our Gem Jams Collection of stackable bracelets.


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