Erimish Stackable Bracelets

What Are Erimish Stackable Bracelets?

Stackable bracelets are one of the best ways to showcase your personal style. Additionally, stackable bracelets can be worn to help define and accentuate your outfit. With products in over 10,000 boutiques in the US, Erimish has developed a strong brand and loyal customer base. Founded by two sisters, Ericka and Misha- Erimish has flourished into an empowering company that focuses on giving back. Erimish has been involved in several charities over the years including Brooke Robinson Foundation, Seneca School District as well as projects in Kenya for children. Their goal is to empower others through their bracelets.

You may be wondering "What are stackable bracelets?" Stackable bracelets are a collection of bracelets that are worn together to create a certain look or statement. The combinations are endless and keep your outfit interesting. These bracelets come in many different textures, styles, colors and designs. Erimish's bracelets can be paired together or "stacked" to create your desired look.

What Are They Made Out Of?

Erimish bracelets are crafted with high-quality, natural stones. As a result of this natural process, the stones will vary in shape and size on each bracelet. This adds another layer of intricacy to the brand. Customers receive a one-of-a-kind bracelet as each natural stone is unique. The beading features pretty geometric shapes that compliment every style. Erimish utilizes textures in their bracelets to help their beads stand out. Their bracelets are detailed and intricate, but not overwhelming. Erimish features the perfect balance of both bold and classic beauty.

How Can You Get Your Stackable Bracelet?

Erimish bracelets have made a huge impact for retail boutiques across the nation. They are offered at over 10,000 boutiques nationwide, including major retailers such as Nordstrom or you can purchase them here at They are a perfect piece for any woman. Providing innovation and quality to jewelry lovers.

The Story of Sisters

Erimish bracelets began with an idea between two sisters from Missouri. At the time of their bright idea, the two sisters were business partners for their apparel boutique. They opened the boutique in 2012 and quickly found themselves in love with bracelets. They witnessed a young women wearing several leather bracelets and the idea of stackable bracelets was born at that moment. The two sisters decided to bring this new look to their customers.

Daughters of entrepreneurs, Ericka and Misha, believed they could pursue their dreams and achieve them. They subsequently opened a bracelet bar at their boutique. The two sisters separated bracelets into groups, based on their color and details. The bracelet bar enabled customers to mix and match the jewelry for their personal style.

Both Ericka and Misha realized they would have to learn to design and manufacture bracelets in order to take their idea to the next level. This task was an initial challenge for the sisters, but it allowed them to use their passion as fuel for the road ahead.

The two sisters have different senses of style. This enables Erimish to provide customers with bracelets that will appeal to all. From glitzy and glamour to neutral and simplicity, there is truly something for everyone.

Erimish's Stackable Bracelet Popularity

Their bracelets have become a staple in thousands of boutiques and enhance jewelry collections. Woman can express their style with our custom made stackable bracelets. Whether you are edgy, girly, modern or high-fashion, there is a bracelet that fits your personality perfectly. Their collections offer a wide variety of bracelets for every occasion. Some of their collections include...

erimish stackable bracelets

These bracelets feature fire department, police department, doctors, and more. This is a great way to represent your community and show support for first responders during this time. The bracelets feature cute charms with corresponding colors for each occupation.


custom name stackable bracelets

These custom named stackable bracelets are personalized with your name, birthday and birthstone. This allows you to create a special gift for yourself or others.

awareness hope stackable bracelets

These awareness stackable bracelets are used to spread awareness for something you’re passionate about. The bracelets are fashionable and beautiful, which allows you to represent your favorite cause with style. From Autism to various types of Cancer, these bracelets help to show your support.

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